What you'll get

Advanced AI Model

Experience the power of a 315 billion parameter Mixture of Experts model with 8 experts (2 active), 86 billion active parameters, and flexibility for further fine-tuning as a base model.

Enhanced Interaction Quality

Receive detailed, accurate responses to a wide array of inquiries, with Explorer-4 excelling at identifying and suggesting pertinent questions to enhance the depth and quality of interactions.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Scalability

Leverage the latest advancements in AI technology for superior results, with Explorer-4's scalability suitable for various industries and applications, and its base model ready for fine-tuning and customization to fit your specific requirements.

Introducing Explorer-4: The Ultimate Multimodal AI

ExploreAI is proud to present Explorer-4, our state-of-the-art multimodal AI model. In addition to its powerful text processing capabilities, Explorer-4 excels at interpreting a diverse array of visual information, including documents, diagrams, charts, screenshots, and photographs. Explorer-4 is meticulously designed to handle a broad spectrum of inquiries and, more impressively, to suggest insightful questions you may not have considered. Its responses are crafted with a touch of wit and a dash of rebellious charm, making interactions both informative and enjoyable. Please note, if you prefer a more serious tone, Explorer-4’s humor might not be to your taste. One of the standout features of Explorer-4 is its real-time access to the latest information available on the internet. It’s also unafraid to tackle controversial questions that other AI systems might shy away from. At ExploreAI, our mission is to develop AI tools that enhance human understanding and knowledge. With Explorer-4, we aim to: Maximize Benefits for All: We are committed to creating AI tools that are inclusive and beneficial to people from all backgrounds and political perspectives. Your feedback is crucial in helping us refine these tools to serve humanity better. Empower Research and Innovation: Explorer-4 is designed to be a powerful research assistant, enabling users to swiftly access relevant information, analyze data, and generate innovative ideas. Ultimately, our goal is for Explorer-4 to be a catalyst in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. The Evolution of Explorer-4 The development of Explorer-4 has been a journey of continuous improvement and innovation. It has undergone numerous iterations to become the sophisticated tool it is today, capable of addressing complex queries and providing insightful answers with a unique personality. Join us on this exciting journey with Explorer-4, and experience a new era of AI-driven exploration and discovery.


Explorer-4 stands at the forefront of advanced multimodal models, excelling across diverse domains including multidisciplinary reasoning and the interpretation of documents, scientific diagrams, charts, screenshots, and photographs. We are especially enthusiastic about its proficiency in decoding the complexities of the physical world. In our newly developed benchmark, specifically designed to assess real-world spatial understanding, Explorer-4 consistently surpasses its contemporaries. Additionally, we have evaluated Explorer-4's capabilities in a zero-shot setting across all datasets, without the need for chain-of-thought prompting, further demonstrating its robustness and adaptability.

Elevate Your Intelligence with Explorer-4

Unleash the Power of Multimodal AI for Extraordinary Insights and Innovation


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